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Dog Blower

Why Mobile Pet Grooming?

  • No driving back and forth to a groomer

  • Eliminates Separation Anxiety and Stress on your dog

  • Personalized Individual 

  • No Cages!

  • No Car sickness or Dirty Pets riding in your clean car

  • One on One Attention

  • No exposure to other animals

  • Great for older pets who need that extra love, care and attention.

  • Eliminates inconvenient shop drop off and pick ups

  • The groomer who arrives will be your groomer! 

  • Fully equipped grooming van, So we don't need to plug in or use your hose.

  • We schedule in advance while we are there so you are set. No hassle!

  • You don't even need to be home! With a key or code, we can do the your pet, and you come home to a clean pet!

  • We can do Zero Human contact, if that's what you want

  • Sanitize between each groom, kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses.

Happy Dog

These are estimates, All prices are Subject to change to do Temperament, Size, and Condition.
Each package for Mobile includes Teethbrushing, Dremel/Nail Grinding and Blueberry Facials at no extra charge.

Image by okeykat

These are standard Prices. Prices can change due to Size, Coat and Condition of the pet. If concerned over price, You can ask groomer at time of groom what price will be. 

Dog Breeds 1-19 Lbs

Bath Package~  $85-$95
Trim & Tidy~  $120-$130
Full Groom~  $130 and Up

Sample of Breeds:
Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Yorkie, Maltese, Papillon, Poodle, Mixes or anything with that 1-19 lb mark

Princess Puppy

Dog Breeds 20-49 Lbs

Bath Package~  $95-$105
Trim & Tidy~  $130-$140
Full Groom~  $150 and Up

Sample of Breeds:
Shih Tzu, Cockers, Havanese, Boston Terriers, Mixes or anything with that 20-49 lb mark

Cocker Spaniels

Dog Breeds 50-79 Lbs

Bath Package~  $110-$130
Trim & Tidy~  $150-$160
Full Groom~  $170 and Up

Sample of Breeds:
Labs, Goldens, Pitbulls, Border Collies, Aussies, Mixes or anything with that 50-79 lb mark

Man's BF
Image by okeykat

Dog Breeds 80-99 Lbs

Bath Package~  $120-$140
Trim & Tidy~  $170-$180
Full Groom~  $190 and Up

Sample of Breeds:
Goldens, Aussies, German Shepherds, Mixes, or anything with that 80-99 lb mark

Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds 100 lbs and Up

Bath Package~  $140-$150
Trim & Tidy~  $180-$190
Full Groom~  $225 and Up

Sample of Breeds:
Labs, Goldens, Mastiffs, Danes, Mixes,  or anything with that
100 lbs and up mark

Children with a dog

Any Doodle!
because Doodles have special grooming requirements, they have special pricing.

1-19 lbs~ $150-$190
20-49 lbs~ $190-$205
50-79 lbs~ $205-$225
80-99 lbs~ $225-$255
100 lbs and up~ $275 and up

Dog Blower
Image by okeykat


DeShed Treatment

Sick of Vacuuming and having a dog who sheds all over your house? The DeShed treatment is a special Shampoo, Conditioner, and spray that reduces shedding by 80-95%. It's the best on the market and one of our biggest sellers.



Flea & Tick Shampoo / Capstar

If your pet has Fleas or Ticks this will automatically get charged to your bill. Please let us know if you suspect your pet having fleas or ticks while making your appt. They will get a Flea bath, Plus Capstar which will continue to kill fleas 24-48 Hours after given. 



Medicated Shampoo

If your pet is having itchy dry skin, we can help. We use a special Medicated Shampoo that helps with a Array of Skin issues to help them.

images (8).jpg

Always remember, With our Mobile Grooming Service,

We do NOT charge extra for these services.

Dremel/Nail Grinding

Teeth brushing with Dental Spray

Blueberry Facial

Empty Road

Our Current Service Areas

Serving New Braunfels, Seguin, Schertz, Canyon Lake, San Marcos, Buda and Kyle. 
Not sure if we come to you?
Just text us at 830-624-4460

Why Trust Bark Avenue Mobile Grooming?

Bark Avenue hires only the best that we can find, send them to continuing education seminars, find the best tools and shampoos for your pets, and train our groomers to be the best choice in Austin.

Our groomers are fully insured, automobile, business, and professional insurance to ensure if an accident does occur that it is handled properly and professionally and that you are informed each step of the way. 


Our Promise to you

We will treat your pet as if it was one of our own. 

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