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Want An Appointment?

We set up Bark Avenue Grooming in 2007 to provide an incredible experience for animals and owners. From small beginnings, we’ve added a whole range of services and experiences, making us the premiere Pet Spa in Cedar Park and Austin.

SALON: REQUESTING an appointment on a certain day and time is NOT promised. We do our best to accommodate everyone but sometimes we just can't take anymore. You will get a Text through our system when your appt is booked. Drop-off times are by appointment only, between 7:30 am and 11:30 am. If you want to add and Express in the salon for $15 extra to have your pet out usually within 2 hours, Those are done later in the day at 11 or at 1. You WILL get a TEXT from our system when your pet is done, so no more asking yourself did they forget to call.

So, don't worry, if you haven't got a text from us, we are still working on your baby.

MOBILE: WE DO NOT DO ONLINE BOOKING FOR MOBILE. Because of how we have to run a mobile, we are in certain zip codes every other week. BUT do fill out the form for me to have all your info so I can text you to set it up with available days. You will get a text about your appt time, but they are ETAs. When booking I will give you a 1-2 hour window of when the groomer will be there. She is very good at texting when on her way, but when dealing with Austin traffic, and other pets and clients before your appt, some just end up taking longer or shorter than expected. 


Cedar Park Salon ONLY: 512-528-1718

Mobile Grooming ONLY: 512-584-9755

1406 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Can you get me in today?
             - Usually not. Since we are so great, we usually stay booked, but usually, you can get in the Shop within 1-2 days and the Mobile about 1-2 weeks.

2.  How long will my pet be in the salon?
           -All just depends! Drop-off times are between 7:30 and 11:30    every morning. Each groomer does between 5 and 8 dogs a day, and all are assigned beforehand. So, if you come in closer to 9, you will prob be one of the last ones out, and if closer to opening, be one of the first. Just all depends on what order they come in, drying time, and haircut.  But, don't worry, we have an awesome backyard where we potty everyone and give water if needed. We also have an express service for $20 extra, we can have them out generally in 2 hours. Only one groomer does one a day. They are always in loving caring hands.   

3.  How Long does mobile take?
             -Usually within 1-1.5 hours for small dogs, and 2 for large. Just depends on Size, coat, condition, and haircut. 

4.   You want mobile but work during the week?
            -We have a lot of clients who leave a key or a code for us to come in, get the dog or dogs, and lock up. You don't have to be there after your first visit so makes it super easy for you and your family. 

5.   What forms on Payment?
             -Salon, we take all major CC, Cash, and Checks
            -Mobile, we take all Major CC, Cash, Checks, Venmo and Apple Pay
6. Why am I being charged Sales Tax?
            -Unlike your regular hairdresser, Texas taxes on services like grooming.  Any grooming shop that does NOT take taxes is breaking the law and is an illegal grooming shop. We are 100% Legal, Insured,   and Licensed.  We take great pride in our business, employees, and customers.  
7.  I have a puppy what's your procedure?
          - Puppies' first groom is a special time for the groomer and the puppy. this first groom sets the pace and the temperament for the puppy for its lifetime of grooming. Your puppy will be exposed to different sights, smells, vibrations, even other dogs so that they understand that it is something that they like versus seeing it as a punishment. Your puppy will be with us most of the day so that we can take our time, work with your puppy, and set the proper tone for their grooming.  We do not and never will rush a puppy through the grooming process. 

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